The changes brought by the Industry 4.0 are significant. On one hand, they flattened organisations, therefore more people take on leadership roles and feel engaged at work. On the other hand, it improves succession planning which in turns, allows the senior leaders to focus on the strategy.

To add value and be sure that these leaders will achieve great results, we support their development and offer guidance.

training topics:

  • Building and managing virtual teams
  • Cross-cultural competences
  • Delivering difficult messages to employees
  • First Time Manager
  • Managing different generations
  • Motivating others
  • Emotionally Intelligent Manager
  • Assertive Manager


Cross-cultural communication

Our training programs aim to develop cultural agility and ability to recognize cultural aspects of different work styles.

Nowadays, when intercultural contacts are the norm rather than the exception, the ability to navigate successfully between different contexts is extremely important.

We focus on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work with counterparts from different cultures and locations. We do that by helping to build strategies to bridge cultural gaps and by deepening the knowledge of the “why” behind common cultural differences.

training topics:

  • Working in an international team
  • Managing culturally diverse teams
  • High performing virtual teams
  • Relocation training



How to live in harmony with yourself, express your feelings and thoughts while respecting the rights of other people? How to defend yourself against the negative actions of other people?

With all the changes affecting the employment market, assertiveness has become one of the key competences of an effective manager and specialist.

It’s essential for building authority, employee commitment and sense of belonging. It also helps when giving orders and delegating, solving conflicts, managing performance.

Assertive manager is able to communicate efficiently and openly and creates relationships based on respect and dignity.

training topics:

  • Assertiveness
  • Assertive Manager


Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are a part of our lives and we don’t put them aside when in work. Thanks to emotions we we can function effectively in a team, motivate ourselves and reach our goals. Emotional Intelligence (EI) just as other skills can be improved and developed. Higher EI gives us a market advantage and helps to develop the key competences needed to operate effectively in today’s world.

Knowing the level and profile of EI gives an insight into how the individual functions in facing contemporary challenges – both individual and team. The TIE test diagnoses and helps to develop the key competences needed to operate effectively in today’s world.

training topics:

  • EI Training
  • Emotionally Intelligent Manager
  • EI diagnosis


Personal effectiveness  & self-management

Personal efficiency has become one of the most important competences  in the recent years.

Expectations for our efficiency are continuously growing, we are constantly  experiencing situations and related stimuli that need our attention.

In order to address all expectations, we need to continuously work on strong  pillars of making us effective.

training topics:

  • Influencing others
  • Assertiveness
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Setting and defining self-developmental goals
  • Personal efficiency
  • Creative thinking
  • EI Training
  • EI diagnosis


Team effectiveness

Teamwork is treated today as reality and  is inevitable in many projects.

It is no secret that what we mean by ‘teamwork’ is much more than simply bringing  together a group of people.

Working with each other does not equal  teamwork.

So what does it take to create purpose,  sense of belonging and commitment to  get this added value?

training topics:

  • Effective cross-cultural communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Providing and receiving feedback
  • Team building workshops