Leading with Impact

Designed to provide a highly practical perspective on one of today’s most pressing business issues: how to lead and navigate successfully in a complex world of interpersonal relationships.

About the program

The program helps participants, managers with 3-6 years’ experience, develop core leadership competences and skills that are necessary to effectively perform as a manager and impact other members of your organization in a way that builds engagement, accountability and self-agency.

By improving your self-awareness in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, assertivenes, building a motivating environment and deepening skills of managing across borders you will learn to reach better results through others in a way that is both ethical and effective.

Program objectives

By participating in the training program, participants will be able to:

  • expand the knowledge on the role of Emotional Intelligence in professional life, develop Emotional Intelligence skills and learn how to implement them at everyday work as Leader

  • master assertive techniques to work with other members of organization based on mutual respect and care for results

  • learn to use the methods of motivating others
  • acquiree and develop skills in negotiating and dealing with difficult situations negotiation
  • deepen the acquired knowledge and skills in everyday activities and dealing with difficult situations from a managerial perspective

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